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Common Faults and Solutions
Common Faults Causes Solutions
Out of work 1 Power is off
2 Emergency button is on
3 Switch breaks down
4 Voltage is too low
1 Switch on the power
2 Press the emergency button again
3 Retry or change the switch
4 Test the voltage
Print head can not make auto cleaning 1.Ink pipe is not vacuum
2 Secondary ink tank is in shortage of ink
3 Data cable is not connected to control panel properly
4 Print head breaks down
5 Control panel can not work well
6 Power panel
l Suck out the ink and use a syringe to pump out air
2 Check out the tank and ink level sensor
3 Connect the cable with panel well
4 repair or change the print head
5 Repair or change panel
6 repair or change panel
Not all nozzles work l Nozzle blocking
2 Nozzle breaks down
3 Negative pressure is overweight
4 Ink pipe is not vacuum
l Run automatic cleaning equipment
2 Repair or change print head
3 Realign negative pressure
4 Suck out the ink and use a syringe to pump out air
UV lamp light is off l UV light breaks down
2 UV switch breaks down
3 UV light reacts too slowly
4 Power wire is not connected
l repair or change UV light
2 repair or change UV light switch
3 Shut the UV light and wait for three minutes to turn on again
4.Connect the power wire
Carrier bumps into media l They are too close
2 Air pump shuts l vacuum pipe can not match media
l Readjust the distance between carrier and media
2 Open the air pump
3 Reset the vacuum pipe
The car suddenly stops 1. Grating is soiled
2. Grating ruler breaks down
3. Grating codec breaks down
4. Grating codec fix improperly
1. Clean the grating
2. Change the grating ruler
3. Change grating codec
4. Reset grating codec
Carrier can not move 1. Printer is off line
2. servo motor of carrier is off line
l Press the start button
l Reset the printer
Auto cleaning system can not work 1.Ink control panel breaks down
2.Software meets bug
1. Change the panel
2. Reinstall the software
White ink is out l White ink item is not set
2 Ink pipe is not vacuum
3 Printer dose not allow white ink cycling
l Reset the white ink item
2 Suck out the ink and use a syringe to pump out air
3 Open the function 6 h in advance before start
Printed pattern on media surface is not dry out l UV lamp breaks down
2 UV is in short of brightness
3 UV light runs in error model
4 Shutter is off
l Change the UV lamp
2 Adjust the brightness
3 Reset the work model
4 Check out the shutter
Non printed spot l Nozzles rank inproperly
2 Driver is not installed correctly
3 Color sets wrong
l Rearrange the nozzles
2 Update the driver
2 Reset the color parameter
Ink spot l Static
2 Nozzle is fixed too high
l Open the bench suction device or fan before start
2 reset the height of nozzles

The troubleshooting above can't help all model or all fault, if meet the fault you can't solve, please in very short time contact us technology service department.

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